CoffeeScript and Properties

With the latest browsers, you can set properties for your objects. And as CoffeScript makes your code more beautiful, the result is quite nice.

First, create function โ€œpropโ€

prop = (who, propName, getset) ->
  Object.defineProperty who, propName,
    get: getset.get
    set: getset.set
    enumerable: true
    configurable: true

Now, you can write your classes like this :

class Human
    _name = name

    prop @,"Name",
        console.log "get : ", _name

        _name = value
        console.log "set : ", _name

    console.log "Hi, i am # {@Name}"

And, use โ€œsuperโ€ when extending classes

class SuperHeroe extends Human
  constructor:(name, power)->
    super name
    _power = power

    prop @,"Power",
        _power = value

Use it โ€ฆ

bob = new Human "Bob"
bob.Name = "Bobby"

###  Output :
set :  Bobby
get :  Bobby
Hi, i am Bobby

Personally, i find it pretty, and remember that the properties do not exist in java ;) (big troll).

Have a great weekend.

Stay tuned, coming soon:

  • Play! โ–บ 2: java tutorial
  • Play! โ–บ 2: scala tutorial
  • And probably a small part of CouchDB
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