Jo and CoffeeScript : the ultimate weapon for mobile development ?

This weekend, i started reading “CoffeeScript: Accelerated Development JavaScript (by Trevor Burnham)”. I use javascript to development mainly mobile, my favorite mobile framework is Jo, so my question is: can I use Jo with CoffeeScript ? Looks like it works (i’ll dig the topic) :


    class Form
        constructor:(title, caption)->
            @stack = new joStackScroller
            @scn = new joScreen @stack
            @title = new joTitle title
            @caption = new joCaption caption
            @divider = new joDivider

            @button = new joButton "OK"
            @button.selectEvent.subscribe ->
                console.log "OK OK"

            @card = new joCard [ @title , @caption, @divider, @button]

            @stack.push @card

    mainForm = new Form "Hello", "Hello World !!!"
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