CoffeeScript and Properties

With the latest browsers, you can set properties for your objects. And as CoffeScript makes your code more beautiful, the result is quite nice.

First, create function “prop”

prop = (who, propName, getset) ->
  Object.defineProperty who, propName,
    get: getset.get
    set: getset.set
    enumerable: true
    configurable: true

Now, you can write your classes like this :

class Human
    _name = name

    prop @,"Name",
        console.log "get : ", _name

        _name = value
        console.log "set : ", _name

    console.log "Hi, i am # {@Name}"

And, use “super” when extending classes

class SuperHeroe extends Human
  constructor:(name, power)->
    super name
    _power = power

    prop @,"Power",
        _power = value

Use it …

bob = new Human "Bob"
bob.Name = "Bobby"

###  Output :
set :  Bobby
get :  Bobby
Hi, i am Bobby

Personally, i find it pretty, and remember that the properties do not exist in java ;) (big troll).

Have a great weekend.

Stay tuned, coming soon:

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  • Play! ► 2: scala tutorial
  • And probably a small part of CouchDB
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